Phantom F-4D


For to participate on this flight you need minimum a PPL (Private Pilot License) with a valid medical and a type rating for 2 engines. Before you take off in the rear seat of the Phantom II, a preliminary one-day special training is required. You will be instructed by jetflight specialists and trained efficiently in the "Phantom II" systems. So you will not only remain alive, but also look good under all circumstances!

The program is at the moment not available, we do expect that the flights are coming back in spring 2019.

The theoretical training will start at 9:00 in the morning. In particular lessons you will be offered concentrated knowledge in many areas:

At the end of the day you will command the practical and theoretical knowledge to cope with the challenges of this flight. Thus, there are no more obstacles to your flying aboard the Phantom II.

On flight day you will meet your machine: The shuttle will bring you and your pilot to the flight line for a basic briefing. There you will recognize a lot of terms you were given a day earlier.

After the briefing and check of all systems you will sit in the rear cockpit, listening to your pilot's communications with the tower, and then you will roll on the runway and take off to the flight of your life!

Price: on request.

Attention: The flight training is only available for pilots who have an active pilot license and a valid medical (min. PPL) with a 2-engine type rating. It is not allowed in the United States to transport persons on experimental aircraft "for hire". We will be glad to assist you if your skills are fitting into the possible program.

The flight program will live up to your wishes: low-level flights over water and desert, maximum altitude 40.000 feet above ground, maximum speed of Mach 0.98, maximum G-Force +8.0 G (min. - 2.5 G, depending on weather, flight route, and your physical and physiological constitution).

After this flight, you will be among the first ever to be flown in a Phantom II jet!

- You need min. a PPL (Private Pilot License) with a valid medial and a 2-engine type rating to participate on the instructors flight
- Your weight is max. 120 kg and min. 54 kg
- You are not taller than max. 2.05 m

Your flight program:
- About 6 hours of Phantom II systems instruction
- Phantom II flight with about 45 minutes flight time
- Certificate of your flight on Phantom II
- Video and photos of your flight
- Squadron patch "Wild Weasel" on your own flight overall "Phantom II"
- Individual flight and survival equipment

We are standing ready for developing your flight experience of your lifetime! Please allow us 60 days for preparations and mission readiness of your adventure. If you are interested, send us a e-mail to info[at] and do not hesitate to contact us directly.