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Some of our customers have given to us statements about their adventures and experiences, what we are putting here gladly online. We can't show all comments here what we collected in the last more than 16 years, for that we would have to do an own website. But, we would be glad to put your response here online, with your agreement of course.

Our customers are speaking:

La Gravedad de Los Asuntos - ZeroG

La Gravedad de Los Asuntos (The Matters of Gravity). In October 2014 we conducted for a group of 9 Mexican artists and 1 Mexican scientist a special zeroG flight with the Ilyushin 76MDK, the training aircraft of the Russian Yuri Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center. The guys were 2,5 years in preparations for it and they didn't found a real possibility to go with their art into weightlessness condition, until they found us. This was one of the most awesome project flight what we ever developed. A mixture between science, art and special performance. What it is and what Nahum, the director of the arts exhibit, said afterwards you will find in his statement...

Michael Najjar's Outer Space Project - ZeroG

After his experience with flying to the edge of space and diving in a russian space suit "Orlan", Michael Najjar participated on our zeroG flight in October 2013. His objective was to learn to handle photographing in zeroG conditions. He used this flight for his art work "outer space" and for his upcoming space flight with the SpaceShipTwo of Virgin Galactic. To his statement...

Max 'The Ax' Angelelli - The Cloud Racer

Max Angelelli, nickname "The Ax" is an Italian racing driver who always wanted to feel more power! He is driving in the United States for Wayne Taylor Racing and won with his team mate Jordan Taylor in 2013 the Rolex Cup series. Max flown in November 2013 the Russian MIG-29 "Fulcrum" and made a special high performance flight so that he was nearby 'the black'! So, his mission was accomplished and we made a special internet movie about his adventure "The Cloud Racer". To his statement...

Janneke and Ton - Soyuz TMA-08M landing

What goes up, must come down! Janneke & Ton from the Netherlands staid with us in March 2013 during our Soyuz TMA-08M lift-off expedition at Baikonur. At this time, they did not had a clue that nearby half a year later they would stay in the 'middle of nowhere' in the steppes of Kazakhstan to watch the landing of 'their' crew of Soyuz TMA-08M! First time ever that customers saw the same mission with a lift-off and landing! To their expedition report...

Michael Najjar and his 'outer space' project

Michael Najjar is a German artist, adventurer and a future astronaut of Virgin Galactic. Michael Najjar is one of our exceptional customers, he exposes himself in his pictures and video installations to show special views. With his "outer space" project he is confronting us always with new challenges, to open him the curtains for to look behind the stages of spaceflight and let him participate in real in probably the greatest adventure of mankind. He will be the first photoartist in space. Michael Najjar flew the MIG-29 to the edge of space, did a special underwater training in the Orlan space suit and particiapted on a zeroG flight of ours in October 2013; but he is not ready yet! To his statement...

Harro Füllgrabe - HALO tandem skydive

"If I do something, I'll do it right; no half-assed crap!" said Harro Füllgrabe on the phone when we were in preparations for Galileo/Pro7 together with Gutentag TV to get Harro in 30,000 feet altitude. Harro, extrem reporter for German TV series 'Galileo' on Pro7 had no idea what HALO actually meant before he made it! It was also his first parachute jump ever! Exceptional images for German television! To his report...

Mark Rigby - Refresh History

Mark is the curator of Sir Thomas Brisbane Planetarium in Brisbane, Australia. He contacted us in last year with a wish, to go to Baikonur. It was very hard because of time schedules of him to plan it, because he always is a traveller on Earth in regards of Astronomy. Then in the beginning of 2013 he made his schedule and travelled to Baikonur and Moscow to refresh his knowledge about the Russian space history" To his report...

Thomas Pedersen - An Aviators Dream

Thomas from Denmark is a professional airline pilot. He dreamed since his childhood to be a jetfighter pilot. He made in June 2013 a very special flight with the object of his desire, the MIG-29 "Fulcrum". Sergei, pilot in command, gave him very early the stick and Thomas did by himself an awesome flight including "loop yourself" and 8,7G! To his report...

Martin - MIG-29 Edge of Space

Martin from Switzerland fulfilled his childhood dream. His target: flying high as high as possible it is. So he made a voyage to Russia to come closer his target. He flown with a MIG-29UB on an altitude of 22.500 Meter! To his report...

Janne - MIG-29 High Aerobatics

Janne from Norway has dreamed about to fly a jet. We made this possible for her, and after the event she can't find words. Her husband Meindert wrote us a report from a somewhat different perspective. To his report...

Werner - Baikonur Soyuz TMA-12

Werner from Switzerland fulfilled his dream in April 2008, as he accompanied us on our voyage of the roots of Yuri A. Gagarin and Sergey Koroljov to Star City and Baikonur, Kazakhstan. 8 days of impressions with insights in the Russian human spaceflight what is never compareable with other voyages to the destination space! To his report ...

Vladimir - MIG-29 High Aerobatics

Vladimir from Slovenia had a dream: Once in a lifetime to fly with a fighter jet. Historical he had only one target infront of his eyes, a flight with a MIG-29 Fulcrum. Vladimir experienced a high aerobatic flight with up to 7,2 G and this flight is deeply burned in his mind until the end of his life! To his report ...

Thomas - MIG-29 High Aerobatics

Thomas from Berlin fulfilled also a lifetimes dream: to chase with a MIG-29 in heaven above and to feel as a jet pilot. Thomas experienced a very stressful and awesome flight what you can read here in his report. To his report...

Joe - MIG-31

In September 2007 Joe Golightly, a citizen of the Faroer Islands done a trip of his lifetime: during a 8-day special journey he followed the steps of Juri Gagarin trought the Russian aviation- and spacehistory. The climax of the voyage: A flight with the MiG-31 'Foxhound" nearby the "Edge of Space". You can read his customer resonse and maybe, you also have the wish, to fly as high as possible with this famous fighter-jet. Nowhere else you can reach this altitudes! To his report ...

Markus - Baikonur Expedition Soyuz TMA-7 - Greg Olsen

Destination to Space! In October 2005 from the Russian cosmodrome Baykonur the American Space Tourist Gregory Olsen lifted off to space. We where with a group there and visited 10 days the Yuri A. Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, located at Star City nearby Moscow, and the greatest space launch port of the world, located in Kazakhztan. Read the special story about this trip from the photographer Markus Gloger. To his report ...

Pierre - Zero G Flight Camaign

In October 2005, 11 men started up to put themselves into one of the biggest adventures of the mankind: The weightlessness. Also for the Swiss Pierre Schoechlin, a childhood dream which he had since the moon-landing in summer 1969 come true. Read his authentic report of experience 'My step in the weightlessness' To his report...

Robert - MIG-25

To the stars: To participate onto a MIG-25 flight to the "Edge of Space" is one of the largest adventures of our time. The Viennese Robert Braunsteiner flew in 2005 on an altitude of nearly 25.000 meters and experienced a singular flight, which changed his thinkings of his life. Read here, what Robert Braunsteiner experienced during his flight. To his report...

Christoph - MIG-29 High Alititude & High Aerobatic Flight

MIG-29 "Aerobatic and high altitude flight": The flight in a MIG-29 is to be compared with no other flight experience. Christoph von Dellingshausen flew at the beginning of December 2004 in the Russian fighter plane to an high altitude, and his pilot shows him in addition still loopings and evasive maneuvers above. Read about his empiric flight! To his report...

Alexander MAX - ZeroG Flight Campaign

No drug of the world can shift one into the condition of absolute weightlessness. Who wants to fly as in a dream, has to go to Russian Star City and rise into a airplane from the Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Centre, the so called "vomit-bomber". The German journalist Alexander Boeker dared with his photographer Arne Müller. To his press article ...

Uiversal/SciFi-Channel ZeroG Flight Campaign

2 parabolic flights at one day! On a clearblue day in June we done 2 Zero-G flights at one day. We are able to do this with a time in advance. 2 participants of a sweeptakes from Universal and SciFi Channel telling here their experiences with feeling weightlessness! To their reports ...

We worked in the last more than 18 years for many companies and brands because of their tailormade special missions and needings very successful:

  • NBC Universal Pictures - Germany (2003)
  • SAMSUNG - Europe (2003)
  • CASIO Europe (2004)
  • MICROSOFT GmbH - Germany (2005)
  • Bertelsmann Media - Germany (2005)
  • SANDOZ Pharmaceuticals GmbH - Germany (2009)
  • MyDays GmbH - Germany (2002 - 2008)
  • Jochen Schweizer GmbH (2005 - 2010)- Germany
  • e-Plus - Germany (2010)
  • Pernod - Germany (2005)
  • DER Business Travel - Germany (2002)
  • Koch Media GmbH - Germany (2006)
  • PRO TOURA GmbH - Germany (2000 -)
  • Postbank AG - Germany (2008)
  • Coca Cola - Germany (2006)
  • Pro7 Unternehmensgruppe - Germany (2011 / 2013)
  • RTL - Germany (2007)
  • SEGA - Europe (2007)
  • Fact & Film - Germany (2004/2005)
  • BMW - Germany (2005/2008)
  • AOL Germany (2002)
  • TUI Germany (2001/2007)
  • Vegitel Ltd. - Russia (2004 -)
  • Mitsubishi - Japan (2012)
  • CISCO Systems North America - USA (2006)
  • Rocketplane Limited - USA (2005 - 2010)
  • Kistler Aerospace - USA (2005 - 2010)
  • XCOR Aerospace - USA (2009 -)
  • BBC - England - (2005/2008)
  • Karlsberg - Germany (2007)
  • Pepsi - Germany (2004/2009)
  • PANASONIC - Germany and Asia (2006/2011)
  • Gutentag TV, Germany (2013)
  • Endemol, Cologne/Germany (2007/2012)
  • SXC - Space Expedition Corporation - Amsterdam/The Netherlands (2012 -)
  • Arts Project La Gravedad de los Asuntos - Nahum Mantra et al/Mexico (2014)
  • Philips Electronics Japan Ltd.: "Extreme Challenge" - Japan (2015)
  • Munhwa Broadcasting Corporation (MBC): "Infinite Challenge" - South Korea (2016)
  • Scott-Free Productions: "Equals" - United States (2016)
  • Hill Media: - "Die Astronautin"" - Germany (2017)
  • Colony: "Lomo Space Experience" - Sweden (2018)


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