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Soyuz Landing in Kazakhstan


Next landing expedition bookable: Soyuz MS-11 - June 25, 2019 (TBD)

The landing of Soyuz isn't up to be compared with a normal tour program, because we are dealing here with human space flight. A travel to Kazakhstan from the countryside of the view is a mind blowing event, too. You will sit in a 4-wheel drive car and for hours and hours you will drive through no-man's land. Then, after a time you will be at the landing area where you will have an overnight stay. This could be bad our good, it is only influenced by the weather at the season time. Landings in spring and summer could be very nice, but when clients deciding to go even in December or February, we are able to provide it. Of course, we aren't able to predict the weather in general.

Space Affairs Group during a landing expedition infront of the Soyuz TMA-13 descent capsule - (c)2009 by Rainer Unkel

Also you have to understand: shortly upfront your voyage it can come to scrubbings or delays of landing dates. We know this sometimes weeks before, but it can also happen that the landing will be postponed for one day, when you are at location! This is a very thrilling adventure beside the ride at location through the country side of Kazakhstan. But people who join us (so far no postponements or scrubbing's) say: It is still worth the attempt, because to see Soyuz with the 3 spaceman coming back from space is an awesome experience!

Day One
Arrival at Astana, Kazakhstan
Meetings with the tour guides. Transfer with a tour bus to Karagandy (ca. 3 hours).

Arrival in Karaganda and check-in hotel.
Dinner in the hotel. Then admissions into the program of the next few days and introduction of the mission. Safety briefings and instruction on the behaviour at the landing site.

Day Two
Breakfast at hotel.
Then you will have the chance to be at press conference of the rescue and recovery teams. (this part is tbd and depends on local decisions).
Lunch at the hotel.

Ca. 24 hours before the landing will occur, you will be board a comfortable 4-wheel drive car and the trek to the landing site will start.

Particulary we will start with the jeep tour, and this tour is unique in the world. Depending on the time of landing (we must be about 5 hours before landing at the meeting point with the rescue team), the Jeep-caravan is in motion perpendicular to the 350 km through the desert towards the landing area.

After about 5 - 6 hours we will meet the rescue team at a selected position, and move together across the steppe to the landing point. That this is a special adventure that can only be compared with a ralley. Because of the landing what is still ahead of the next day in the morning, you will have a special evening in the mid of nowhere, somewhere in Kazakhstan. We will arrange a biwak place in the middle of nowhere, nothing will be missed! You will have a starry night inside the steppe, can you imagine the view above you without any light pollution from a nearby city?

Space Affairs Expedition Soyuz TMA-08M - night before the landing - (c) 2013 by Ton Schudelaro

Day Three
Wake up in the steppe. A very special breakfast will be cooked and you will feel very comfortable.

Then, several hours later, you will see some actions of the landing teams and the level of alert will raise up. With a big boom above you the homecoming of the Soyuz descent capsule will be initiated. The big landing parachute will be deployed in a altitude of around 10 km and the speed of the capsule will be decreasing! Think about: from a speed of 28.000 km/h to a speed of 20 km/h in only 8 minutes!

Observation of the re-entry of the Soyuz capsule. Travel by jeep to the landing point of the capsule. You can watch the recovery of the cosmonauts out of the Soyuz capsule only 2 m in distance!

Attending to the recovery of the Cosmonauts and the following routines. After medical and psychological check ups, the cosmonauts will be transported by helicopter to Karaganda.

You will have the opportunity to watch the pickup of the capsule on a truck, long time after the cosmonauts left the landing site. Then you will make yourselves back on the jeeps towards Karaganda (or other location) where we arrive late in the evening (return flight MI-8 helicopter is possible but will be decided on location) If we are brought back to MI-8 helicopters, we will be watching the welcome ceremony if we will hit the time. But this all depends only on time and permission.

Space Affairs Expedition Soyuz TMA-08M - The crew after the landing - (c) 2013 by Ton Schudelaro

Dinner at the hotel.
Free time.
Resting time. Farewelldinner in the hotel.

Day Four
Early check out of the hotel, transfer to Astana (ca. 3,5 hours).

Departure to your home destination or doing with us together another program!

Price: Please send us a request and we will give you a personal offer. Group expedition, min. 4 participants, max. 11 participants.

*The given time schedule could be changed. Landing of Soyuz MS-11 is scheduled for June 25, 2019 (TBD). The final duration of the expedition is related to the mission and the area where the landing zone is set by Roskosmos, so the tour can be extended by one day.

- Guides site (English/Russian).
- 2 nights full board at the respective landing sites in Arkalik, Zezgesghan or Karaganda.
- Transport to and from the landing sites with 4-Wheel Drive vehicles (mission and decision-dependent).
- (Depending on mission and landing) on site inspection tours.
- Attending from landing at the various landing places (Arkalik, Zesgesghan, Karaganda).
- Support program by Space Affairs.
- Certificate of attendance at the landing.
- All meals on site including Farewell dinner on the last night (no alcohol).
- Individual support by staff of SPACE AFFAIRS.

Visa information: For Kazakhstan E.U. citizens do not need any kind of visa, the permit by immigration is given for max. 30 days. Other countries like United States and Canada are under the same permission. If you are from another country, we will be pleased to give you any kind of information about visa application.

Space Affairs Expedition Soyuz TMA-08M - Soyuz descent capsule below it's parachute - (c) 2013 by Ton Schudelaro

Suggested add-on program:

To go to Moscow after the landing adventure could be a good idea! You can see world legendary Star City. Star City is located 35 km in north east direction of Moscow and there is the legendary Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center and the Yuri Gagarin Museum! It's a must to see this special facilities there where the history of human space flight began!

We are pleased to make you an additional offer for a longer stay of minimum of 2 days in addition to the Soyuz Landing Expedition program. The add-on could only be done directly afterwards or before the landing trip in combination with the landing expedition if there are no weekend days involved. Of course you can also have a very pleasant time in Moscow until the sightseeing of Star City could be done! We will be glad with assisting in all of that possibilities!

For entering the Russian Federation you are in need of a tourist visa, we are pleased to hand out the necessary documents for your visa application.

The Garagin Cosmonaut Training Center - ISS training facility - (c) 2014 by Space Affairs

The landing of the Soyuz can often move ahead or can be postponed, landing sites can vary. You need to prove very flexible if you want to experience this tour. We unfortunately have to point out that it is not to be guaranteed with absoluty certainty, that you will see the landing. It is dependent on many factors, what we can’t influence. We are doing everything that you attend at the landing.

Contact us directly for asking your questions and send us a mail to info[at]space-affairs.com in regards of "Soyuz Landing Program". You can use also our request form.

Program executed by: Roskosmos, Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center, Space Affairs

SPACE AFFAIRS Souyz landing expeditions 2019 (planned - all schedules TBD)

Soyuz MS-11 - June 25, 2019 (TBD)
Soyuz MS-12 - October 3, 2019 (TBD)

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