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October 17, 2019.

We went thousands of kilometres to Kazakhstan and hundreds of kilometres through the steppe, only to see that.

The last 8 minutes of a long journey home.

October 12, 2019.

Soyuz MS-12 on the way home.

The landing sequence of the Soyuz MS-12, taken by our embedded photographer Markus Gloger from the back seat of a jumping car at high speed through the steppe of Kazakhstan.

We're just speechless!

Landing-Sequence Soyuz MS-12

October 8, 2019.

We drove hundreds of kilometres in the steppe and between cities in the middle of Kazakhstan only to be there, just in time. The chance to see the landing is related to the exact timing of undocking of Soyuz from the International Spacestation and all milestones, what follows then in the mission plan.

Our leads did a brilliant job, took care of us as their own family, but as the signal turns on in the radio that Soyuz MS-12 is on landing approach, it runs really quick.

Thanks to all who made it possible, first of all to Alla Razuvaeva of Prostokosmos and her team!

October 7, 2019.

When you are with us on the road (sorry, inside the steppe), everything can happen, as like the chase to the landing site of the Soyuz MS-12 capsule.

October 6, 2019.

The Soyuz MS-12 landing expedition ended yesterday with a happy return to Frankfurt Airport.

The last days were extraordinary and stressful. Little sleep, high temperatures during the day, low temperatures at night. Bumpy roads which had to be covered with off-road cars, hundreds of kilometres. Hour-long car journeys on bad roads at all day and night times to get from Karaganda to Dzezgazghan, and two days later back again.

Our participants are completely speechless about what they were allowed to experience. The highlight was definitely when the Soyuz MS-12 return capsule appeared in the steppe at an exactly calculated point above the sky. However, after the landing and evacuation of the Soyuz MS-12 crew, there was enough time to take a closer look at some things that one would not have dared to believe before. The Soyuz Descent capsule from close, sightseeing of the amphiphilic vehicles, sightseeing of the MI-8 helicopters and much more.

Soyuz Landing Expeditions are very deep experiences that have more to do with people than with technology. One night in the steppe at sub-zero temperatures was balanced by the cooperation of the different nations and mentalities, and the next morning they didn't want to leave the steppe at all! Thanks to the guys on site, who generated a unique experience for our customers, where even our mission director Andreas P. Bergweiler could only marvel!

We now have all the images and video material for viewing, it will take some time, but we promise unique images that will speak for themselves. Stay tuned!

Expedition participants at the landing spot of Soyuz MS-12

October 3, 2019.

Our expedition left the location this morning at 6:00 a.m. local time Dzezgazghan (Kazakhstan) and left for the landing zone Soyuz MS-12.

125 kilometres (as the crow flies) in south-eastern direction, any telephone contact via normal GSM network is not to be expected, so we lost the contact first.

At 17:00 local time Soyuz MS-12 started a soft landing, and the Recovery Forces started their work to evacuate the cosmonauts and astronauts from the landed Soyuz capsule.

Everything went very fast, and when we discovered our embedded in-house photographer Markus M. Gloger on NASA TV, we were sure: Our expedition had made it to the landing point!

To organise such a tour is incredibly complex, and we are happy without end that they made it!

Thanks to everyone who made this possible for us!

SPACE AFFAIRS photographer Markus M. Gloger at the landing point Soyuz MS-12 seen on NASA TV

September 28, 2019.

"A landing in a Soyus is not for Weaklings," was the title of an article by Dennis Buchmann about the first Soyus landing tour we did in 2009. Today Matthias and Markus from Germany, Alan from Australia and Richard from the USA started their expedition at Frankfurt Airport. They were welcomed by our Mission Director Andreas. This time, as in 2009, we are integrated into the operations of the landing crews.

We have put together a program that is very special. Two nights in the steppe with the Roskosmos and GCTC landing specialists. More news and inspiration from the tour will follow soon.

SPACE AFFAIRS Landing Expedition - Frankfurt Airport September 2019

September 24, 2019.

Congratulations to the camera guy who did that awesome footage from this mornings roll-out of Soyuz MS-15 to the Garaninsky start launchpad No#1! Very unique shots!

The Soyuz rocket will deliver on Wednesday, September 25, three earthlings to space on route to the ISS: Oleg Skripochka - RSA, Jessica Meir- NASA and Hazza Al Mansouri representing the first UAE astronaut of MBRSC.

The lift-off is scheduled for September 25, 16:57 Moscow time (+2h GMT). Fingers crossed for the launch so that we will see Hazza next week Thursday back on Earth's soil in the vast steppes of Kazakhstan!

September 20, 2019.


From September 28 to October 5, 2019, we go on expedition. This time again deep into the steppes of Kazakhstan.

On October 3 in the afternoon, the Soyuz MS-12 landing with Aleksey Ovchinin (RSA/Russia), Nick Hague (NASA/USA) and Hazza Al Mansouri (MBRSC/UAE) is planned near Dzezgazghan, and we want to be there!

We have a special guest with us on this expedition: Mikhail Kornienko. Mikhail spent more than 516 days on two missions in space, with Scott Kelly from NASA he was on board the ISS in the "One Year Mission" for almost a year. Who does not know the book "Endurance" by Scott Kelly yet, should make up for this gap in knowledge, in terms of astronautics there is no better book describing the life of an astronaut, on Earth and in Earth orbit.

Participants from Germany, the USA and Australia go on a journey with us, accompanied by our Mission Director Andreas and Markus Gloger, who will capture everything in highly professional pictures.

We will try to publish pictures "just in time" on our social media accounts, but this will probably be a difficult task, because apart from Iridium satellite phones, not a single mobile device works, depending on the landing point. We think it's simply time for our own communications satellite!

Here you can learn all the details of what it means to participate in a Soyuz Landing Expedition "Returning from Space”

September 18, 2019.

"It's been a long way, but we're here."
Alan B. Shepard

NASA astronaut, first US-American in space May 1961, commander Apollo 14 February 1971 at his first steps on the moon.

Welcome to the future!

Almost 24 months (no joking!) we worked on the new web world of SPACE AFFAIRS and are proud to present it to you.

We have spared no expense and effort in using state-of-the-art web technology to bring our world closer to you in any way, be it in the multimedia desktop version, in a special version for touch devices, or the mobile world.

After almost 20 years in the market that we have defined in Europe from the beginning, it was time to give our portfolio, and the SPACE AFFAIRS brand a new way that will take you beyond all horizons and into the years to come.

We have also decided to offer only the adventures, expeditions and events that are currently feasible or will be realistic in the next two years. Our history is a long one, we have also taken this into account, if you take a look in the section "The Book of the Stars", here you will find testimonials of our customers who couldn't be better to describe what SPACE AFFAIRS is!

For two subareas the countdown for the presentation (Exploration & Orbital) is already running, these areas are very special and require a longer development.

We hope that you will accompany us into the future and that you will get to know us personally. Let us enter into a space affair!

Ad Astra!
Your team from SPACE AFFAIRS

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