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Who we are

We take you with us on a voyage.

We are SPACE AFFAIRS, space voyagers following an agenda that started in 2000. Born at a time when the Internet was just a few years old, we quickly realised that the new paths and goals needed to be found. We didn't go the easy way; we went the problematic way to open a business that was not yet based in Europe.

Thus we founded a brand in the field of space tourism and commercial space travel, which still exists today. Now we have decided to re-invent the word "astronautics" and create the new world of Space Affairs and, if you like, move forward with you into the future.

Our business field was not created based on catalogues and books, films and documentaries. Before we presented ourselves to the public with unique experiences, we tested everything ourselves. We sat down in high-speed planes and set off at high altitudes, sat down in centrifuges to experience increased acceleration due to gravity. We wrapped us in pressure and astronaut suits.

Experienced moments in weightlessness and rescued us from "emergency watered" Soyuz spaceships. Set off to places where people travel into space and brought things to the International Space Station, which were presented there in a unique place. So we opened the doors to areas that were closed to ordinary people. We found the keys to these doors and opened them.

We knew from the beginning: Anyone who wants to gain a foothold in this business segment must have immense experience, as well as increased stamina and patience by nature.

In addition to many private adventurers and explorers, highly specialised customers who wanted to tell extraordinary stories quickly arrived. We accompanied promo actions for world-famous brands, film documentaries, feature films and TV productions.

How do you make a scene in real weightlessness and later integrate these scenes into the story? We found out and worked out the ways to perfection, took hurdles where others wouldn't even have dared to think about it.

We accompanied our customers on all paths, no matter how stony they were. And we continue to do that today!

We create worlds that previously existed only as thoughts. We bring our customers from all over the world closer to the events.

Our customers smell liquid oxygen and kerosene from rocket engines, feel the hot wind of the infinite steppe, beat a bargain to gravity during parabolic flights, move along the paths of the unique history of space travel, and expose it to particular influences as only professional astro- and cosmonauts have experienced so far.

We create our worlds, and we let our customers feel from the beginning that they are significant to us and let them know from the start that we allow them to participate in making their dreams come true.

"Everyone said it couldn't be done. Then someone came who didn't know that everyone said it couldn't be done, and did it anyway!"

With the help of our unique partners scattered around the world, we make things possible that so far seem intangible. If there is a realistic and safe way, then we make it possible.

So if you have an idea, it is already defined or not yet set, and you want to know if it is possible to realise it, don't be afraid to talk to us. You will wonder what we can make possible!

Space is a mental void that is available for use.

We look into space and check whether space is available for use. Storytelling is not a foreign word for us, because nowadays you can't make anyone curious about something without a story. And if space is available, then we work out everything necessary to fill it, according to your ideas and wishes.

Be it on earth, or in the vacuum of space. We master all this due to our many years of experience in every detail. We develop the best- and worst-case scenarios to make your story feasible.

Our developed adventure programs or expeditions have their origin here. We put ourselves in the boots of world explorers and are therefore very close to our customers and pack them in cotton wool — no cumbersome bookings with different supporters, no time-consuming telephone calls.

Bookings for our adventures follow fixed times. We let our adventure customers feel a quality they can't buy. So if you want to explore an experience of superlatives, then it is not only about the adventure itself but also about the adventure of turning it from dream to reality, with all the trimmings!

The adventures and expeditions that can be experienced on earth as well as in heaven and the unique future paths into space are inferior to significant changes. We have decided to adapt our product portfolio to these times and offer what is tangible.

We work together with space institutions, space agencies or exceptional private providers of space travel. Together with you, we go into the future and write new stories and make the future appear realistic and tangible.

We do see human first!

Our STARS (Clients) speak their language in "The Book of Stars".

Tenacity means staying power. No matter which task you set us: no job is too complicated, and no way is too far. We work close to people and with people. Our expeditions and adventures, our missions and events may not come from this planet, but we are located in Europe in the German Hanseatic city of Bremen. We also call this a spaceport, because Bremen is very well known in the aerospace world.

Our customer relationship is based on human empathy, sound experience with many customers since 2000 and boundless thinking. We see you as a person first. Because we are all equal in our striving and our curiosity to go ahead.

Start with your journey, whatever your motivation may be; we can fulfil your wishes, needs, dreams and demands for infinite experiences! No matter how alien it may seem. On earth, in heaven, or space!

Let's start a space affair!

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SPACE AFFAIRS - Beyond your horizon.

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